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Yoga for Big Bodies
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This is a community about Yoga for Big Bodies. One can do yoga at any size and any level. There are moves and exercises that we can do that will enrich our lives and strengthen our bodies. We may not look like the crazy pretzel shaped yoga models you see in the magazines, but there is no difference in them and us when it comes to the way Yoga benefits you. It is all good. It is all a help.

Everyone's bones line up different. I have seen fat girls do moves thin ones can't and visa-versa. We are about Yoga not looking any particular way, but feeling a certain way - getting the stretch, opening up and focusing on your own breath.

I have done yoga for two years. I am, of course, a novice. But, I am also a 350+ woman who took a Yoga class and found moves I loved and other moves I couldn't do that I could alter for my body and still get the stretch.

I was looking for a blog about this subject and found none, so I thought I would start one. I lead a small yoga class in Portland. This blog can serve as a place for them, as well as for you. Feel free to join and post about your experiences with yoga in a bigger body. this is a place to post about what you have learned, links and tips and inspiration. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS OR DIET COMMUNITY. WE ARE SIZE POSITIVE AND A PARTICIPANT IN THE BODY REVOLUTION! ALL SIZES ARE THE RIGHT SIZE!