Advice on Yoga Workshops for Larger Bodies

Hello everyone!  I found this site through a search on plus size yoga and it looks like a great community. I joined mostly so I could post this humble request...

I am organizing a set of workshops in the fall for yoga (and martial arts) for larger-bodied people in my area (Durham, NC). I myself am a larger-bodied person who has been practicing yoga for the past three years with great benefit, and my goal is to pay that experience forward. I was hoping that you guys might be able to offer some input, advice, words of wisdom to help in making my workshops a comfortable and positive experience for all participants.

Any input welcome and appreciated!
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 what's up everyone? i found myself surprised that I was able to get into yoga through the wii fit.  I have had a spinal injury which added in my getting a "bigbody".  Now if this helps me slim down, all will be great in the world. :)  Some positions I can't do completely but I am glad I can be among others who do this.

My question to you is, what is your favorite position? Are there some that you are hoping to one day be able to master?  
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(tsubasa) On my head

Eagle Pose?

Does anyone have tips or suggestions for Eagle pose? Two videos I do regularly focus on this pose, and I just can't manage to get my arms to cross properly. I've tried using a strap, but my arms still cross awkwardly, with my elbow poking into my inner arm and my hands are a good 6 inches apart. Also, it kinda hurts. The other thing I've tried is just starting with my palms together and then trying to bring my elbows together and that creates a nice stretch, but I'm not sure if it's the right stretch, if that makes sense.


Hello Beautiful Big Bodies,

I have not been to a yoga class in a couple years. I have been doing some asanas at home recently trying to get stronger. Saturday I went to my first yoga class and it was great.

It was a beginning Hatha class. It was just me and one guy. The guy was thin and tall and about 25, maybe younger. I am 44, tall and very fat.

During the class there were some things that he could do that I couldn't, so I made some modifications and the teacher was great at helping me find them.

But, there were also some things I could do that he couldn't. It was a good lesson that we all have different bodies and they all are set up a little different. There is no reason to have any bit of judgment about it at all.


Hello everyone!

This morning in Yoga class we made our way to headstands. I've tried doing them in the past for other kinds of classes at sort of a non-specific level and could never do them. In this class, however, we've been working on it for a few weeks now - working our way to the full headstand - so my 250lb self kept feeling more and more confident.

So everything was going peachy as I clasped my hands in front of me, with my forearms on the floor, with the back of my head in my hands and the spot above my hairline on the floor. As I came into a downward-dog-esque position and walked my feet towards me to prepare for liftoff, everything was fine. I could lift one leg up at a time- that was fine. So I lifted both legs off the ground feeling great and wowed for a split second, and then there was a sharp pain in the space between my shoulder blades, so I came down and my instructor gave me a soothing massage as I continued to breath deep. I then did some rolling down through the spine & some spinal flexing and I felt fine.

It is roughly an hour later and I'm not feeling any tension, so that's good.

Has anyone here tried the headstand? Stories? Successes/difficulties?
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Negative review for wide yoga mat seller

After reading the suggestions in this post, I went ahead and ordered from a company called Yoga Accessories.

Immediately after placing my order, I realized that I had ordered this mat instead of the mat I meant to order, this mat.

I immediately sent an email to their customer service email address, asking them to assist me in changing my order. I got no response.

The following day, I received an automated email that they had received my order and were processing it. I forwarded that email to their customer service email address again asking them to adjust my order before it shipped out. No response.

I attempted to call their customer service line the next day, and was put into a voice mail system from hell which ended with a "thank you for contacting Yoga Accessories. Your message has been saved." I never had the opportunity to leave a message for anyone.

I called again and was actually put into "Robin"'s voice mail. I left a message explaining the situation. I did receive a voice mail back, but she told me that I would need to refuse the package and order the correct mat with my credit card. She didn't say if I would get a refund for returning the wrong mat. Also, because I have this thing called a day job, the wrong mat was delivered to my house without the opportunity to refuse the order.

I called again on Monday of this week and left another voice mail for Robin, asking her to call me back to explain how I could return the wrong mat. No response.

I left another message for Robin on Wednesday, stating that I had already left a message on Monday and to please call me back to resolve this issue. No response as of today.

I may just be spoiled by Amazon's fantastic customer service, but this company had almost a week to correct the order before it was shipped, and I've since been ignored both via email and voice mail by their lousy customer service. I would advise against ordering anything from this company, Yoga Accessories.

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big mats for bigger bodies

Hello All,

Someone posted on fathletes  today about looking for a larger yoga mat and I passed on a link to her. Then I realized I never posted about it here. Duh. 

I have not tried one of these, but it sure sounds like a great idea.  A wide yoga mat for big, beautiful bodies.

Also, if taking up space isn't an issue, a couples mat seems to me like the ultimate yoga mat......Wait....did I make that up?  I can't find a lid

dvd reviews

Hello everyone,

I just went through and put the dvd reviews that we have in memories, so they are more accessible. Please feel free to add your reviews or comments.

Hope you are all doing well.

I hope to do way more yoga in 2009 than I did in 2008. I really have had quite a dry spell.
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Hi! I'm Julie, and I just started doing yoga with my two best girls in the privacy of our living rooms about a month ago. So far, I love it. My friends are both a good bit smaller than me, but I think that's a good thing, because it brings out my competitive streak that makes me say "If your narrow butt can do it, then so can my big butt!"...and trust me, that's gotten me through many sessions where I wanted to give up and go smoke a cig halfway through. I found this community today and read over the more-recent posts. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has to reposition legs/boobs/belly/etc. to get the full benefit of the various poses. Since I started, we've gone from one night a week to three nights a week, mostly because of my pestering. I hate doing things half-assed. Which leads me to my question. I know lots of people do yoga every day, some twice a day, which seems like a hell of a lot at my current state of development. I'm afraid I'd be too sore to function if I did yoga every day. Is three times a week enough to fully reap the benefits of yoga, or should I start sneaking in (possibly shorter) daily sessions? Also, I have REAL issues with inverted poses (plough, shoulder stands, etc.). I CANNOT GET MY LEGS/BUTT THAT FAR IN THE AIR! Plus, my chiropractor has forbidden me from doing anything that puts weight on the neck until I get some of my TMJ issues worked out (I'm not sure how it's connected but...I trust the man.), so is there anything else I can do in place of the offending poses and get similar benefits? I feel like a goon sitting there stretching and drinking water while my friends have their butts in the air. Haha
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