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DVD Review: Yoga for Beginners by bodywisdom media

Unfortunately, I can't find a link to this specific DVD. It's a sampler of routines from various DVDs that bodywisdom media puts out. It has 15-30 minute samples workouts from many of the DVDs listed on this page, including "Yoga for Inflexible People", "Yoga for Athletes," and "Power Yoga for Everybody":

In fact, the link above lists a DVD called "Yoga for Beginners" but it's all with the same instructor and is not the same as the one I'm reviewing, which has an "Interactive Personal Trainer" subtitle on it. (Confusing!)

I think it should be fairly easy to find, though, as I just picked it up from my local Borders book store.

-The DVD has a really wide variety of yoga styles so you can try out various forms and instructional styles. You won't get bored!

-Most of the workouts truly are at beginner level, though some are pretty tough, so you can work your way up from some of the easier ones to some of the tougher ones. Most of the poses aren't that difficult, but some are hard to hold for as long as the instructor tells you to, specifically some of the poses in "Yoga for Athletes." She gets you in warrior and some triangle poses and holds you there for 60 seconds or more- it's quite a workout.

-The routines for inflexible people are really terrific in my opinion, and are spot-on about areas where people might be tight, like hamstrings or hips.

-There are some moves that I've not seen elsewhere, and some of the routines target specific tight or achey spots, like the "hip opener" or the "Oh my aching neck" routines. My husband is a big fan of the hip opener routine, while I find the "aching neck" one works great after an 8-hour shift in front of the computer.

-Some of the routines require ridiculous amounts of props. One routine calls for TWO sticky mats, bricks, a strap, and a blanket or towel. That seems like a bit much to me.

-There are some that are focused on weight-loss, so if you want a DVD with no references to weight loss at all, this wouldn't be the DVD for you (though I do like that particular routine, weight-loss talk aside).

-A few of the routines aren't really for beginners. The ones for athletes are TOUGH. The actual poses aren't that hard to get into, but they're not easy for people who are just starting yoga and who may have limited upper body strength.

Overall comments:
I like the variety. I like that they're short, from 15-30 minutes, so I can fit them in before work or other times I have a tight schedule. I can skip the ones I don't care for, or do two in a row if I want a longer workout. Some of the mediation/relaxation commentary is a little on the cheesy side. For instance, I like the "Oh My Aching Neck" routine for the first 25 minutes but generally skip the second half of the meditation because I think it's hokey. Overall, I'm glad I invested in this DVD.

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