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A new journey

I've been teaching yoga consistently for the past eight years and last Tuesday was my final class.  There have been varied changes in the management of the facility where I had been teaching and in the change all my students have moved on.  In preparation of this shift and my need to increase my personal practice I have been taking two additional classes each week.  And so, this is the journey...

As the instructor, I am in control of the style, pattern, and flow of the class.  I have learned to breathe and speak, to relax and hold as I cue, or to watch my class and support them.  On my mat at home, the same applies.  Generally I write my flows or practice in preparation for class.  Sometimes I just work in specific asanas.

Since I have joined class as participant, the first lesson I had to learn was to turn off the teacher inside and being my focus to my mat.  From the back of the class this was a constant redirection; from the front , I had ego chatter.  Thankfully, I had my commitment to breathe and mindfulness.  Eventually, I learned to relax into being - being on the mat, being present, being student. One would imagine this comes with ease, especially after all these years, but the biggest bit I had to release was the need to be in control.

So, I have shifted again.  I joined a new club and now have three new teacher.  They have very different styles and poses I have never seen before.  At times I am distracted by the music - Sam Cook, Mary J Blige, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Goo-Goo Dolls.  There were times I missed the cues.  On the other hand, I once received feedback about playing music with words.  I now understand.

I am preparing for the next great thing.  In my world that will be Hot Yoga.  The new studio hasn't yet opened, but we are planning for a fall appearance.  Hot Yoga will be offered three days a week.  As much as  I know anyone can begin at anytime, I would rather have a bit more stamina when I walk in.  What I have learned about being the student is that being in control; even as I upped the ante for my class was still within my comfort zone.

In every practice we reach for ease and effort.  It is amazing when we allow another to extend our length and breathe, when we give in and give up, recreating the divine dance within ourselves.  Namaste

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